Halle Berry

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Actor with some of the most varied roles in Hollywood; Berry has played a Bond girl (regrettably in Die Another Day, one of the worst Bond movies, with its invisible car) and is Storm, one of the key players in the X-Men franchise - but also starred in Oscar-bait like Things We Lost In The Fire and Cloud Atlas.

Her career led to the establishment on Wittertainment of the Halle Berry rule: winning an Oscar (in her case, Best Actress for Monster's Ball) and then following it up with a number of career-destroying flops (Catwoman; Gothika). The actor whose career path most followed this was Reese Witherspoon, whose win for Walk The Line preceded such drivelsome dreck as Just Like Hell, Penelope, Rendition and Four Christmases.

Berry also has Movie 43 and New Year's Eve on her CV. Eep.