Role Models

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2008 comedy with Raul Rudd and Seann William Scott from the Judd Apatapatow stable. Described by James King on the poster as "jam packed with big, big belly laughs, Role Models is genius!" (or as Mark Kermode sarcastically misremembered it, "hilariously funny, laugh out loud, boy my sides nearly split.")

Mark himself took a rather different view, believing the film to be poor to moderately passing at best. After seeing the quote-adorned poster, Mark took James to task at the next possible opportunity, in a confrontation witnessed by Radio 1's Edith Bowman - "some bloke was giving James King a really hard time."

However, the film does have an extended discussion about the size of take-away coffee cups from modern franchises, and this bled into Wittertainment. Given the dynamics of the buying of coffee between Mark and Simon Mayo often formed part of the opening of the show at the time, much of the rest of that week's edition was opened to listener correspondence on the most ridiculously convoluted ways they have had to use to try and buy a normal cup of coffee.