The Second Jason Isaacs Box Office Top 10

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At the 2009 Baftas, Jason Isaacs apologised to Mark Kermode for the fact that the first time he had been present for the Box Office Top 10 rundown, he had been mealy-mouthed and found himself unable to say what he really thought. His appearance on the show in 2009 - albeit alongside Andrew Collins as both Mark and Simon Mayo were on the Wittertainment Cruise - gave him another chance:

10 - The Proposal - "The thing about actors is, you can only do what's put in front of you. When Sandra Bullock was offered the script for Crash she jumped at it. She wants to be in good things... I don’t think there's that much work."

9 - Ice Age 3: Dine Of The Dawnosaurs - “It’s got those giant glasses for people with heads the size of pumpkins, except it's a kid's film. I took my kids the other day and the glasses kept falling down. Eventually I took them off and they ended up with a headache."

8 - The Ugly Truth -

ANDREW: "Another romantic comedy, this time even more sexist... I hated it."
JASON: "Get off the fence there Andrew."

7 - CGI Joe - "I don't want to see Sienna Miller as a brunette. I think she's cracking as a blonde."

6 - Dance Flick -

ANDREW: "Mark thinks this is the worst film ever made, so I'm not going to go and see it."
JASON: [silence]

5 - Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince - "I think it’s fantastic. And it looks nothing like the other ones. They pick great directors too."

4 - Aliens In The Attic -

ANDREW: "It's got Ashley Tisdale in it from the High School Musical films, and she is wasted in it."
JASON: "What, you mean drunk? That's completely inappropriate."

3 - G-Force [skipped over]

2 - The Time Travelers's Wife - "I don't want to see Eric Bana naked. I know him, he's a lovey man, but seeing him naked would make it very hard for me to have dinner with him."

1 - Inglourious COUGHING -

JASON: "I have low expectations having heard all these rather gritty reviews. So I fancy discovering this German actor who everyone says steals the film."
ANDREW: "He's Austrian."