Underwhelmed: Rise Of The Lychees

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"Me no lycan" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 live

Third film in the Underworld series, in which Michael Sheen looks rather dashing and runs around in leather trousers. Which is apt, because the rest of it is a pile of pants.

As it wasn't press screened, the pharisaic cadre had to get together and pay to see it. Sadly, the first showing was not at the Vue in Leicester Square but at the Trocadero, meaning the film did not start until 1230, giving Mark precious little time to see it and get to Television Centre (where 5 Live was based at the time) and review it. This resulted in a fair amount of table banging at the start of that week's programme.

Although listener Keith in Edinburgh coined the alternative title used by Witterpedia here, a second moniker came via Nigel Floyd and the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors - when Floyd's email to Mark alerting him to said Trocadero screening was intercepted by Linda, who asked: "Nigel has sent you a film about Rise Of The Lichens. Is that about the growth of moss?" Mark therefore referenced it as Underworld 3: The Mushroom Revolution.

The film came out in the same week as Sheen's Frost/Nixon, prompting him to muse to Simon Mayo what the headline would be if they were reviewed together; Sheen's conclusion was that it would be Frost Bites.