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One who listens to the Wittertainment show / podcast.

The word was coined by listener David Walkerdine, who sent an email about how had been to see Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona with his wife, and at the end said to her, "that brought back a few memories". Walkerdine's wife, being "not a Wittertainee", did not realise that he was quoting a show-related meme and assumed he was confessing to a secret dirty past.

"Wittertainerphite" was also suggested by one listener, but it didn't stick.

Devoted wittertainees often convert others to the Church of Wittertainment, run marathons, go on the regular cruises, write songs and make films (Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins) in honour of the programme.

The listener who suggested "Wittertainerphite" outlined the stages of converting a partner or friend to the Church:

  1. The "They go on a bit don't they?" stage - the partner's initial exposure, during which they note the ramblings of the Good Doctors, and wonder why it is called a Film Review Show.
  2. The "Compliments on the quality of spoken English" stage - the partner stops complaining about how long Mark and Simon talk for, and instead note the quality of the programming, considering it a potentially good teaching tool.
  3. The "We've just watched a movie, what do the Good Doctors say?" stage - the partner actively asks to replay old podcasts to find out what Mark and Simon thought.
  4. The "This podcast saved my life" stage - the partner praises the podcast for its ability to deflect death, such as when suffering pregnancy pain combined with a full flight from a friendly budget airline.