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Publisher, author, broadcaster and film editor of the Radio Times (other listings magazines are also available). Collins filled in for Mark Kermode for three weeks when he was the presenter of Cling Film on Radio 1 - "one of the worst titles for any programme ever" - when Mark had a bad back. (This was presumably related to the famous Russian car journey with Mr Nyet).

Many years later, in July 2006, Collins became a stand-in for Mark on the Film Review Show, reviewing My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Ant Bully and The Notorious Betty Page, with Phil Williams being the stand-in Simon. The two then became a semi-regular stand-in act for the next couple of years.

Collins notoriously liked Sex And The City, awarding it 3 out of 5 stars and in particular being amused by the discussion about waxing.

Mark expressed admiration for Collin's review of The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor: "Who would have thought it? Brendan Fraser stars in a special effects heavy period adventure comedy suitable for children."

Collins has twice been unable to fully review a film due to having missed part of it. In 2008 he saw PS I Love You (Everyone Else Thinks You Stink) but the projector broke down three quarters of the way through, leading to audible sighs of relief from the assembled hacks. Then in 2009, Collins walked out of Crank 2 around 20 minutes in, during the scene when a number of strippers had their breast implants exploded by high-impact bullets. In doing so he missed a scene where The Stathe is on a game show with his mum being played by Geri Halliwell.

No, really.