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Improvised British comedy in which three couples compete to win some sort of Best Wedding award hosted by Jimmy Carr.

Mark Kermode liked it, although listener feedback was very harsh. Listener Jack, for example, made it part of a triology of low-budget shockers when he mated it to A History Of Violence and Society on his way to winning a charity bet on behalf of Mark.

The filmmakers were later heavily criticised by Olivia Coleman and Robert Webb, who played the nudist couple in the film, as the actors had been promised that their nakedness would be pixelated or otherwise covered up - and both were mortified at the premiere to see that this had not happened. Coleman wanted to sue, but Webb said this action would not work, and although Coleman was angry at Webb for a time she later realised he had been accurate.

Meanwhile, while Coleman went on to become one of Britain's finest actors, Confetti's director would go on to disgrace herself with the Nativity triology. So maybe karma really does exist.