Drop The Last Letter game

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Game that succeeded the backflip, suggested by long-term listener and first-time emailer James - improve a film's title by removing the last letter.

James himself suggested:

  • 28 Days Late
  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hop
  • The Passion Of The Chris
  • Children Of Me
  • Withnail And
  • The Da Vinci Cod

Colin Murray, the stand-in Simon Mayo when James submitted the game, then suggested:

  • Escape To Victor - "they all try to locate Richard Wilson's house"
  • Jaw - "he would have been totally ineffective if he only had one jaw"
  • Grumpy Old Me - "which would probably sum up a lot of us around here"

Andrew Collins, that week's stand-in Mark Kermode, brought in:

  • Apocalypse No
  • Watch Me - "it's a film about me, and you have to watch it."
  • Hallowee
  • Earthquak - "my favourite disaster movie with a duck theme"

Listener suggestions then included:

James King submitted a trio of movies about a mother with extraordinary powers:

  • Batma
  • Spiderma
  • Superma