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  • ...nd has [ threatened him with violence] – "I'll probably just p ...As the good doctor has stated on numerous occasions, the opinions of film critics have little to no effect on box office numbers; he proved his point in the
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  • It is occasionally noted by Mark that there are other movie critics - some of them [[stand-in]] for Mark while he is on the [[Wittertainment Cr [[Never review a film you haven't seen]].
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  • ...ory family fun time]] on the [[Wittertainment Cruise]] - he has not seen a film in the UK Top 10 but is asked his opinion on it anyway. This particularly b Apparently, [[other opinions are also available|some other critics]] are known to have reviewed films they haven't seen anyway. This usually h
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  • else kicked it. From there, it was joy all the way, with Branagh's next film, the four-hour-long Hamlet, being made [[Movie Of The Month]] on [[Radio 1]
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  • ...ticular love of the horror genre, but Kim has written more generally about film history, and has written fantasy and horror novels, among other things. The ...Another example - when reviewing Junebug, [[James King]] observed that the film should have been about the then-unknown [[Amy Adams is incredibly wet|Amy A
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  • Baz Luhrmann's epic 2008 film, starring [[Huge Action]] and [[Nicole Kindling]]. Also referred to as "[[T ...rmination to throw everything at the screen - like the country itself, the film is big, sprawling and easy to get lost in.
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  • ...orrissey]]) first appeared on [[Wittertainment]] in 2007 to talk about his film The Reaping. As [[Mark Kermode|Mark]] put it: "He thought it was great; I t ...[Basic Instinct 2]], various newspaper [[other opinions are also available|critics]] quipped they had found it hard to take Morrissey seriously in a sex crime
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  • '''Robbie Collin''', 'Britain's tallest film critic', is a [[stand-in]] for [[Mark Kermode]] and one of a number who lea was educated at The University of St Andrews, Scotland. He is the chief film critic at The Daily Telegraph and contributes to the BBC Radio 2 Arts Show
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  • ...yd Hilton, television and review editor of Heat magazine, and Nigel Floyd, film critic for Time Out magazine (and member of the [[pharisaic cadre]]). They ...''read'' Nigel's review - it was just that it was impossible to watch that film without thinking about Apocalypto, I Was A Teenage Caveman and [https://en.
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  • “A turkey of intergalactic proportions - a film which manages to be staggeringly boring despite basically being about the c ...e - and the first film he made once the success of Deliverance had allowed critics like [[Michael Cement]] to suggest Boorman was an auteur, thus leading to t
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  • ...pert on Sky One's Angela and Friends and until March 2011 was the resident film critic for BBC Radio 1. ...f [[Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace]]. He also noted that the 2008 film Choke - which [[Mark Kermode]] had been looking forward to, being based on
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  • ...e studio he was "somewhere in the middle". Although he did not dislike the film, Mark said he "wanted it to be funnier" and "needed it to be scarier". This
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  • of the UK Film Council, was pressed by Simon about the existence of the film: crude? Yes. Is it crude on purpose? Yes. Did it go down badly with the critics? Yes it did. But I'll tell you what, people have bought a lot of DVDs of it
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  • A phrase used by a number of film critics to describe a spate of movies released in or around 2007-08 that focused on
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  • ...ceived a mauling in a classic [[Kermodian rant]], and described by another film critic as "an explosion in a stupidity factory". "diseased vultures"]. Mark struck back saying that vultur
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  • ...] banned. [[Mark Kermode]], who thought that Crash was perfect, wanted the film seen by everyone. ...ewspapers (Mark of course writes for the [[Guardian|Observer]]), could any film bring them together? It turned out, it could - they both loved Enchanted, t
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  • ...t caused Jack Nicholson so much surprise when he announced it had won Best Film at the Oscars. ...bit of a falling out. It was a measure of how good Enchanted was that two critics with views as diametrically opposed as this could embrace each other afterw
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  • Having been to a screening with other critics at which people staggered out as if they had been hit around the head with Indeed, he went so far as to promise to sit down with anyone who did like the film and explain to them why they were wrong. After listening to him, he was sur
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  • The most boring film in the history of boring - an opinion shared by both the [[Good Doctors]]. ...'t understand how The Piano had won three Oscars, but that didn't mean the film was a product of divine design. Mark conceded that "that, I can't argue wit
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  • ...of the mark, but what really irritated him was that they kept calling the film The Unforgiven, which is a different movie altogether. The definite article ...olin Wooden Men in the UK).. Meanwhile The Unforgiven - a 1960 John Huston film with Audrey Hepburn - was known in France as Le Vent De La Plaine (The Wind
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