Terminator Saladnation

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"Like a bad version of Transformers, and that is just about as bad as you can get" - Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

Properly known as Terminator Salvation, this was McG-helmed Arnie-free dreck that Christian Bale knew was terrible even while making it, hence his famous rant at a lighting technician on set.

Bale - who is absolutely rubbish in the film - even said ahead of time, "nobody thinks Terminator 3 was the best of them, so why do we need another one?"

It was during the review of this "life-threateningly dull" film that the famous "McGEEEE!" impression was born, irritating Simon Mayo immediately.

Mark brought in a clipping from the Guardian ("it's a supplement from the Guardian. That will surprise nobody" - Simon) in which McGee said "I was headbutted by Bill Murray". Mark considered this the perfect review of the movie - something made by a man who would manage to annoy as laconic a personality as Bill Murray to the point of physical violence.

Terminator Saladnation (the alternative title was suggested by a listener) is dedicated to the memory of special effects artist Stan Winston. Mark felt that if anyone wanted to honour Winston properly, they should watch his directorial debut Pumpkinhead instead.