Three Billboards Outside Epping, Essex

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A more Anglocentric take on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - a hotly-tipped Oscar contender at the time of release. Director Martin McDonagh wrote it specifically for its star Frances McDormand. The film is a dark comedy about a woman whose daughter has been raped, set on fire and murdered, and who is frustrated by the efforts of the cancer-ridden police chief to find the killer in a way that involves doing much more than torturing people. (The emphasis clearly on the "dark" part of "dark comedy"). Some critics felt the film did not earn the right to tackle the subjects it did, but Mark Kermode disagreed, and admired the film very much. The clip had to be heavily edited owing to an extraordinary amount of cussing, and so featured an extravagant degree of birdsong.

For the alternative title, a listener contributed the "Epping" part and Simon Mayo added the Essex.