Ze bitter virtues of ORANGES

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Line from a 1970s advert for Cointreau liqueur that Mark Kermode asks Nicolas the French Engineer to repeat in his French accent, for the sheer broadcasting pleasure of listeners everywhere.

Mark's fondness for the ad first became apparent in the context of a discussion about The Unseen, which has a plotline involving foetus papyraceus, ripped off of Omen 3. This punted Mark and Simon into a fine piece of wittering about the ending of Omen 3, which features a 50-foot-tall Jesus, and the use of Carl Orff's O Fortuna from Carmina Burana on the soundtrack. Mark noted how O Fortuna also featured as the backing to a 1970s Old Spice ad, and from this he moved on to other ads of the era - including that for Cointreau.